My busy lifestyle, skepticism, and stubborn self-confidence do not suggest that any professional advisory or coaching services would be useful for me. However, about 5 years ago, Eva offered me a free trial coaching session. At the time, my main dilemma in life was whether to continue my career as an entrepreneur and employer of 1-2 dozen people, or to do something else.

Surprisingly to me, Eva’s discussion methods proved quite effective. Following a certain logic (this is a part of her know-how), she kept pushing me into the discussion. Apparently, her goal was not to provide me with the right answers, but to help me clear my mind and draw the correct conclusions myself. With hindsight, I should admit that for me the single one-hour session proved very useful. After the meeting with Eva, I made the conscious or subconscious decision to concentrate all my intellectual efforts towards developing our company, Expat Capital, into the largest and most successful wealth management firm in the country. It is quite possible that this transition process would have been much slower and more chaotic without Eva.

Today, I would like to thank Ms. Kuleva for the patience and the energy. Would the same procedure be useful to other people? Quite possibly. And you are hearing this from a staunch non-believer like me. Sometimes miracles do happen! 

Nikolay Vasilev, Deputy Prime Minister (2001-2005)

I hired Eva because I felt desperate and frustrated by my relationship and my life. I desperately wanted to get my boyfriend to want to have children with me and to propose me. I felt like a failure.
What I liked most about coaching was that I committed to take specific actions and I saw results. I learned that I did not trust myself and did not listen to my needs and desires because I was constantly looking for company and did not want to do things alone. I learned that I was not treating myself with love, but was criticizing myself all the time. Thanks to coaching I learned to be grateful for what happens to me, and to concentrate on the positive things around me. I also started to meditate regularly, which helps me deal with my fears. I am no longer afraid to do things on my own and I know that I can manage.
And my boyfriend asked me if I wanted to marry him 🙂

Stanislava Mitova, London
Account Manager

I contacted Eva because I had a difficult relationship with my partner and was wondering whether he is suitable for me.

Coaching helped me slow down and focus on what is most important to me. Now I understand myself better, I show more self-compassion and I encourage myself. I started keeping a journal. I started meditating. I learned to listen to people with empathy. It helps me understand them better and not take their words personally.

Coaching turned my perception of myself around. I realized how my childhood and family had influenced my life so far and how I had been choosing partners who possessed what I was missing. Now I feel relaxed, balanced and happy. I find positives in myself, in my relationship and in the world around me and I feel elated.

My boyfriend and I re-started our relationship in a very beautiful and profound way. I feel deeply connected to him now. We communicate with understanding and are very supportive of each other. Currently we are decorating our new home with love and passion. We discuss every detail and look forward to the delivery of every new piece of furniture. It is wonderful to have a home filled with love and hope!
And we decided to get married 🙂

Huge thanks to Eva for her support!

Marina Stoykova, Bulgaria

Марина Стойкова

I looked for Eva’s support because I felt that I need a change in my life. I needed help to realize exactly what I want to change and how to achieve it.
Eva helped me realize that it was important to have a goal. I defined my goal and started working on it. I feel happier and live with more ease now.

Thanks to coaching I got into the habit of asking myself questions and listen to myself for the answers. I feel more confident and more relaxed, I am more motivated, positive and constructive.

The most important thing I realized was that until I learned to love and respect myself in the first place, I would not find a man to love and respect me. Eva, thank you for being honest with me, for challenging me and pushing me. Thank you for your patience and the experience you shared.
About a year later I met a wonderful man and we are building a life together.

Desi Dimitrova, Italy

I contacted Eva because I had just broken up with my boyfriend, with whom I thought I would start a family. This was not the first relationship that ended unexpectedly for me, and I wanted to clarify what are the reasons and how to overcome them.

What I like about the coaching process is that I manage to come to important realizations by myself and I find answers to the questions that bother me. Eva helped me without telling me what to do and it further strengthened the belief in my own abilities.

Thanks to coaching I feel more confident and am more patient with myself. Now I ask myself more often what I want and express it. I praise myself for small achievements at the end of the day. I pay more attention to my appearance and look more feminine. I communicate with people in a more confident manner. I improved the communication with my parents.

Now I have a new boyfriend and we are expecting a baby 🙂

Elitsa Stefanova, Bulgaria

I highly recommend Eva as a relationship coach as she helped me gain more clarity and create strategy on how to tackle a sensitive issue with my partner.
She is able to listen, ask powerful questions and bring tangible results at the end of the session.

Diana Petrova, Copenhagen

I hired Eva because I needed to learn how to create and then focus on a life plan that incorporates professional and personal goals. I wanted to learn to trust and love myself and build emotional intelligence.
Coaching helped me trust my decisions. It helped me to hear my deeper needs and take action. I learned how to manage emotional overload. Coaching with Eva helped me develop my negotiation skills as I was getting clear of my “deal breakers” and “must haves” in life and work.
As a result from our coaching partnership:
♥ I use meditation to calm down before I get stressed or get insomnia
♥ I am more rational, calm and supportive with my family
♥ I am embracing my winding life journey
♥ I am not willing to give in to relationships that cannot meet my needs. I am thankful for doing the coaching at the time I did it, for moving from Australia back to Greece and finding the job I wanted.
I recommend Eva as a coach because I like her rational thinking and ability to help build approaches and goals that are achievable.

Anna Ioannidou, Athens
Project Manager

Meeting women was a difficult task for me and that is why I hired Eva.
With her coaching support I accomplished a lot more than I imagined. The advice Eva gave me was clear and to the point which helped me tremendously.
I learnt to confront and be assertive. I learnt that I do have the strength and I am capable of changing the things in my life that I want to change. Now I see things differently and approach women more confidently. Thank you, Eva!
A year later Justin got married to a Brazilian lady who he met online.

Justin Pretorius, South Africa
Software Developer

I contacted Eva because I fell in a deep hole after I moved to another country. I had long-distance relationship troubles, big challenges at work and started to dislike myself.

What I liked most about the coaching partnership with Eva was her honest and direct approach. The trust between us.

Eva helped me realize that I had several addictions – alcohol, cigarettes, a toxic relationship and gambling on the stock market. Coaching helped me admit these addictions and take steps to stop them.
I learned how important it was to reward myself and enjoy life while pursuing my goals. Now I meditate and say positive affirmations every day, I approach potential relationships with a more clear vision what I want.

I recommend you Eva as a coach because she is an open and trustworthy person who can help you with good ideas to shape your goals towards achieving what you believe is really important in life.

Juergen Fischhaber, Germany
Team Lead Performance and Management

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