Maria and Krasimir

Maria and Krasimir

Maria and Krassimir met at the university more than 20 years ago. A couple of months later they were already a couple. 10 years later they got married.

‘I could not explain in words why I chose Krassi back then, I felt that he was the One. In our relationship now I value the love, trust, understanding, support, and perseverance we share. When he decides something, he does it! Krassi helped me learn how not to be judgemental and to accept myself and others as they are.

I am grateful that after so many years I still see admiration and love in his eyes.

I am grateful that I can be myself with him. I feel grateful for the cozy home, our children, the time we spend together, the shared dinners and snacks, the trust, the support, even the challenges and the difficulties because they have helped us become what we are today.

A few weeks ago I was away from home for a few days. Then I went to pick up the kids and when I got back home, Krassi welcomed me with a card, a gift and a lovely watermelon cake he had prepared himself! I felt happy and blessed that I had this man beside me.

We have two children – a daughter and a son. We had challenges when they were born. I got so caught up taking care of the baby that I seemed to forget that Krassi was there as well. We went through difficult moments and, thanks to love, we managed to move forward stronger and more self-aware.

There were times in our lives when we seemed to grow apart. If we were ‘walking hand in hand in one direction before, during these times both of us turned in a different direction and this led to tension between us. After every crisis and new lesson learnt, however, our relationship becomes healthier and more powerful.

I would recommend single people who want to create a family to be authentic and to accept and love who they are.

To people in a relationship I would say ‘Share and grow together. Value your partner as a precious gift.

Maria Traykova, Personal Development Consultant


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