Elena and Slavi

Elena and Slavi

Elena and Slavi got introduced to each other more than 10 years ago at a party of future immigrants.

‘I was just about to leave yet another boring party when She showed up. Something snapped me from the first moment, and the guests were immediately divided into two groups. One group was listening to our dispute about “things of life”, while the other was having fun.
Eli stopped me from immigrating and going on a mission in Iraq. As a good friend of mine said, she turned out to be my serious mission, my personal Iraq, that is, something very responsible and complicated, and perhaps even more dangerous.

We wanted the same things from life and we became a couple a few days after we met. And 2 weeks later I was making a marriage proposal to her every day for about a year and a half…

With Eli I learn every day, she challenges me. She showed me the way to self-awareness and another perspective on life. Even writing about our relationship now is a challenge for me. I like her also because she evolves and changes, which changes me too. I like all her burst outs. I am a masochist. She is a strong woman, and most men are cowards. She is my guide to getting to know my fears.

I felt really happy and blessed that I had her beside me when she gave birth to our daughter Neda. Her happiness infected me like radiation.

The hardest thing was conceiving Neda. But it made our relationship stronger and I’m grateful to Eli for going through this with me.

I would advise all parents to look their children in the eyes and listen to them like they listen to adults. Children give the best advice on relationships and the world around us.

For me love is like a trip to Mars – you are clueless and you learn along the way.’ Slavi Angelov

I still cannot believe that Slavi, the man who always says he cannot write well, volunteered to tell our love story. I felt so happy when I read it! I am very grateful that I met him. I am grateful for his patience and love, for the never ending affection and approval I see in his eyes, for the way he looks at me, for always believing in me unreservedly, in my qualities and skills and that I deserve the best.

His love and support, combined with our daughter, changed me. Gradually, day after day, my patience was growing and now it is giving fruit.

When I met Slavi at that party, as if I recognized him. It seemed natural that he asked me what children I wanted to have. I answered, “A boy and a girl.” “Mine will be like that too,” he concluded.

Now, when I write about it, it sounds a little crazy, but then it seemed quite normal to me. Well, the girl is a fact, I hope the boy will come soon.

The best thing about love is that it strengthens as years pass by and becomes more and more powerful and meaningful. I feel blessed for having it in my life and I invite it to stay. I wish everyone to find theirs.’

Elena Dimitrova-Angelova, consultant and creator of mechtazabebe.com

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